The Old, Haunted Family House

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Photo by Ján Jakub Naništa @janjakubnanista

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The Okoros’ had finally moved into their new apartment, it was a fairly old family house along the countryside. Mr Okoro had bought the house for quite low an amount, rumors had it that the house was haunted by the ghosts of the previous occupants who had all died in strange circumstances.

Ever since no one wanted anything to do with the house but the Okoro family were atheists, they thought the whole ghost story was all bullshits and fairytales that held no water.

The owner had always lamented on how the house was a liability, he was very excited when Mr Okoro had come for the house. After a brief negotiation he sold it off at a paltry sum, actually he was much happier than Mr Okoro as he had already given up hope on being able to sell the property off.

The Okoro family had two kids, Mary was 15 while Akin was 10. After moving into the new apartment, the Okoro family had removed every object in the house save a small wooden cross that was transfixed to the door of the kid’s room.

On Sunday morning, while other families went off to their religious gatherings, Mr and Mrs Okoro were preparing for a trip to the next state leaving their two kids behind. Mary had already made a friend and she planned to go visit her immediately her parents left, Akin she told herself, would be fine.

Akin was not afraid of staying back alone, he was ignorant of what lay ahead. 3 hours later, Mary came back, she was hungry so she went straight for the kitchen, there she saw Akin. Akin was sitting on a stool next to the cutleries, Mary offered her greetings to him but he paid no response, too famished to pay any attention to Akin, Mary moved on to serve herself some food.

While eating she discovered that Akin was weirdly staring at her, she stopped for a moment and stared back before asking if Akin was alright. Akin only gave her an evil grin before sliding his hands close to the cutleries, Mary was flustered. Akin was behaving weirdly and that grin just now gave her goosebumps, the grin seemed otherworldly. This time around she dropped the spoon and asked Akin again if he was okay, with the evil grin still plastered on his face, Akin picked up a kitchen knife. Mary wanted to get up and beat the stupidity out of him, but she couldn’t, a part of her prevented her from doing so.

Akin got up, the knife still in his hands as he made his way, slowly but steadily towards Mary. With a perplexed look on her face Mary got up and shouted at him, asking him to stop else she’d beat him up but the grin on Akin’s face only got wider and eerier. With every step Akin took forward Mary would take one back while still facing Akin.

Mary was both confused and petrified, the air suddenly seemed heavy and acrid. Mary looked at the knife and she thought she saw blood smeared on the edge. Suddenly, Akin broke into a run, Mary did the same, she ran straight for the bedroom, aiming to shut it from the inside and use the phone to call their parents.

The faster Mary ran, the faster Akin did too. As Mary got close to the room she could hear Akin panting behind her even though her own heart was thrumming like a war drum. As she was about to reach for the door and push it open, something caught her foot and she instead crashed into the door and the room. She landed face-first on the floor a little bit apart from the door. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to get up in time to lock the door, she frantically turned back and saw that Akin had stopped by the door, he was glaring at her, with eyes filled with hate, the kind of eyes a ten-year-old should never have.

Akin’s eyes darted from Mary to the little wooden cross affixed to the door, after 5 seconds, he turned back and walked away.

A little relieved, Mary sat up and paying no attention to her bruises, rushed to the phone to make a call, as she dialled her parent’s number, she heard some noise coming from the closet in the room. She stopped and listened, she heard it again. It sounded like someone was sobbing, Mary became more petrified, it was only supposed to be her and Akin in the house.

With legs shaking, she moved towards the closet, it took her close to a minute before she could muster enough courage to open the closet. Lo and behold, she saw Akin in the closet, he was sobbing and crying.

When he looked at Mary, his face contorted in fear and horror as he shouted: “Mary don’t hurt me, please, do not cut me with the kitchen knife please”.

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