Death Beyond the Rain

In Action, Tragedy, Young Adult
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The rain started as a trickle and graduated into a downpour.

I took shade in a grocery store while watching the rain as I fumbled with my thoughts. I still needed to get to the bank, I had like an hour and some few minutes right before the bank would close for the day.

There were a group of men who were running under the rain, it was a normal sight, nothing new. It was a Monday afternoon and Monday’s were the busiest for these market people and most times they wouldn’t have time to eat talkless of having time to take shelter from the rain.

As I watched them make their way through the rain, I recognized one of them, Jake, his family lives in my neighbourhood, he was popular in the neighbourhood due to his excessive display of wealth.

I always felt intimidated whenever I saw him, he already had a car and a good life whilst I was still struggling to stand on my own. Their movements were panicky and hurried.

A lady behind me said something and I turned back to see what was going on. I heard a loud sound that was struggling to get heard above the rain, I thought it was thunder maybe I missed the lightning when I turned my head.

Seeing that all was well behind me I turned back and resumed watching the men. They had made it across to the other side but something seemed off, more people were running now and I detected confusion in their expression.

Jake was running with a limp now, earlier on he wasn’t limping, something was wrong. I looked back at where he and his group had come from and I saw six policemen wielding guns. They were running in the same direction as Jake and his group earlier on had.

It dawned on me that Jake and his group were being chased by the police and the sound I heard earlier on was a gunshot, as if to confirm my realization, three shots were fired again by the police.

Normally I would have taken cover, but I was mesmerized by the action taken place before me to do so. Before I was hurriedly pulled down amidst curses by a man behind me, I observed that Jake who was once limping was now lying facedown on the wet ground, his blood had mixed in with a puddle of water right beside him, his group were nowhere to be seen.

A few hours later, the news was all over the street, the local news carried it too, Jake and his group had robbed a shop and in the process of escaping the police had caught up to them.

It was ridiculous, how I had downplayed my legitimate hustle just because of Jake’s ostentatious display of ill-acquired wealth.

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