The Saint of Moribund Street.

In Romance, Tragedy

I watched as their caskets were slowly lowered into the ground, the weather seemed to have acquired sentience as it was gloomy and the rain was trickling…

The Old, Haunted Family House

In Horror, Paranormal

A gripping story depicting the horror faced by two kids when they are left alone in a haunted house.

A Transcendental Love

In Romance, Tragedy

A story about a couple that found themselves interwoven into a love, transcending both life and death…

A Cold Love

In Romance, Thriller

He observed her from a dark corner several tables away while heavily disguised.

The Beach Miracle

In Paranormal, Rebirth, Tragedy

It was a lonely Saturday morning, Mousa woke up with heavy eyes, he had spent the entire night lying down but he couldn’t sleep, the…

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