A Cold Love

In Romance, Thriller


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He observed her from a dark corner several tables away while heavily disguised.

Kain was once the most powerful mafia lord, but now everyone thought he was dead, it was all over the news, everyone saw it. Kain faked his own death and no one knew. The forensic team couldn’t tell him apart from the charred and heavily burnt corpse retrieved from the crashed vehicle. It was the only way to get the police off his tail, with his death, the trail the police had, ran cold.

Out of the six people that knew the truth, five were already dead. They all died under circumstances made to look normal. The remaining one was Kain’s right-hand man, he was still alive because Kain trusted and needed him. Kain’s decoy who was forced to die in his stead would never believe that Kain would still go-ahead to eliminate his young wife and young son just because he didn’t want to leave any trace behind.

Kain rarely loved; he came from a loveless home, but whenever he did, his love always ran deep, and he loved Helen to the core.

Kain kept watching Helen from a distance, this was the fourth year since his supposed death. Helen seemed to have gotten over the shock of his death, she was smiling as she dined with Smith.

Kain checked his watch, it was twenty minutes after five in the evening, the Valentine spirit was heavy, many lovers and couples flocked in and out of the restaurant.

Tonight, Helen would receive a valentine package from an anonymous sender, her third package since she lost her husband four years ago. She always thought it was Smith, Smith was a shy guy, he had feelings for her but he was yet to come out with it.

Kain blended into a group of people leaving the restaurant, no one knew when he came and no one knew when he left.

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